Effectiveness; Native ad vs. Banner ad

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What is Native Ad DSP?

Native ad is new way of advertising to seamlessly fit each medium so the target audience pay more attention to it. Compared to common banner ads native ads looks much reliable. On the other hand advertising through DSP allows you to target specified audiences since DSP platform is analyzing user behaviors all the time. Native ads distributed through DSP fit each medium and to the audience interested in the ad with much higher performance.

In short, ads seamlessly fit each advertising medium automatically

Advantages of BlueBeeNative

  • Overcome problems
    of native ads

  • Advertising in multiple platforms
    with hight compatibility

  • Advertisers prepare
    only text and thumbnails

News article style campaign page at a low price

Native ads through DSP look very seamlessly fitting in each medium but user lands on the campaign page looking very different from the advertising medium. Leading to pages in news article may help advertisers to get the audience to experience clicking a native ad to "native landing page". Blue Bee News can integrate the provided text and pictures directly into the existing web medium with less cost and time of production.